In the community of weight lifters, there are two types; bodybuilders and power lifters. The latter group focuses more on strength gains and sometimes disregards aesthetics, or physical appearance for those gains. The former group is focused on sculpting the body, to that of a Greek god.

For those who may be unaware on the physiological and biological components that are involved in each type of weight lifting, power lifters focus on a different aspect of the skeletal muscle, to gain those strength. The same goes for bodybuilders, who are focusing on another type of aspect of the muscle, when it comes to their training.

Just lifting up a weight and putting it down, doesn’t train all of the muscles. It’s only part of the muscles that are being trained. So, doesn’t it make sense to incorporate or develop a weight training program, that targets all of the muscles for optimum and maximum gains?

Continue reading the article to learn about myofibrillar hypertrophy and why it should be incorporated into your current weight training program.

Myofibrillar hypertrophy, focuses on the increasing of the number of actin and myosin contractile proteins, which in turn produces increased strength. Myofibril, which contain actin and myosin, is the long rods that are contained in muscle fibers. I am sure you’ve heard people in the bodybuilding or weight lifting community, talk about repairing and building of the muscle fiber when training. In strength training, these are the components of the muscles that are worked.

Compared to the opposing side, the sacroplasmic hypertrophy (which will be discussed another time), myofibrillar hypertrophy does not cause rapid increase in muscle size. This is obviously why majority of bodybuilders don’t focus on it. But, I am telling that it makes sense to incorporate these into your training because yet again, it optimizes the overall muscle growth and gains. Muscle size does increase with myofibrillar hypertrophy but it’s very slow.

If you incorporated 10-12 rep ranges with appropriate weight and low reps with heavy weights, you can yield and awesome physique. Not only that but by strength training, you can increase the weight that you push for 10-12 reps than you previously could have.

Strength training is a wonderful part of working out and if you do not incorporate it into your training, you are really missing out on some awesome gains!

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