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Gelatin For Muscle Growth

Now wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just eat one particular food, and BOOM, muscle growth? I mean, we all know that protein is the food source that assist with muscle growth. It provides us with the amino acids that we need, for muscle building. This is why it is recommended, that athletes consume a high protein diet.

But, did you know that jiggle snack that you eat, contains a protein that is very good for muscle building? Not only that, but it’s really good for those who have lost a significant amount of muscle mass through illness or disease. It’s not just for athletes, but for the average joe, who needs it due to health reasons, to add on some extra muscle mass; to assist in mobility and overall strength.

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The Metabolism Series – Metabolism Throughout The Day

A few days ago, I decided to start writing about metabolism, and build on it from its’ definition, to how it affects us throughout our lives; from dieting, to overall health.

As a quick recap, metabolism is basically defined as the use of food for energy. This energy, is used to continue organ and system function, in our bodies. It is what we need, to live.

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The Metabolism Series – What is metabolism?

This is a series of articles pertaining to metabolism; what it is, how it affects weight loss and its’ implications in overall health. The wealth of information, in regards to metabolism and how it affects us, is too much to contain into just one article. Hence, needing a series.

The best way to start off this series, is to obviously start with defining what metabolism is, so one can understand a little bit on how important it is to our every day living.

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All Proteins Aren’t All Alike

Protein is a very important macronutrient that is a staple part of a bodybuilder’s diet. It doesn’t take much to see how important protein is to weight lifters and bodybuilders, as there are so many different supplement companies out there that have come out with their own line of protein supplements. So, we as weight lifters, recognize that if there is one thing we don’t reduce whether it be on a bulk or a cut, is the protein intake. Majority of the time, the macronutrient break down, always has the protein at a relatively high number, because it has been taught to us constantly, that protein is very important in building muscle mass. The question that arises from this statement, to most people who actually are curious on why certain things are the way they are and don’t just accept the information without doing their own research, is “is this true?” And the answer to that question, in essence, is yes. Protein is very important in one’s diet, not just for bodybuilders but for the average joe. It becomes even more important for bodybuilders because of its ability to help with the repair of muscle tissue.

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Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

During the months I spent studying for the USMLE Step 1 exam (United States Medical License Examination), I eventually developed a literal pain in the neck; aside from the pain in the neck that I received from studying all those months for one of the hardest exams, I have ever taken.

See, I decided that it would be neat, to purchase a side table that I could use as a desk and after studying was over, use it as a side piece in my bedroom. Yeah, that was a pretty bad idea. The height of that side table, wasn’t adequate enough and appropriate enough, to prevent me from finishing off those months, with chronic neck pain.

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High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT – Revisited

I have spoken about high intensity interval training before in this blog and as with other concepts that have been spoken on again, I am back to providing some more information that would benefit you from using HIIT. This cardio style is generally what you see done, to provide the physique that most sprinters have. As you can see from the picture, exceedingly long sessions of cardio doesn’t yield the maximum amount of muscle but with HIIT, you can retain your muscle or even build it, while perform some intense cardio for short spurts, rather than very long ones.

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Everything About Creatine Monohydrate

A while ago, someone asked me what my take was, on creatine. They also provided an assumption that once you supplement on creatine, your body ceases to produce it, hence the puffy look over the bulky look. I don’t know where this individual got this information from, but it seems a lot of people are highly unaware of what creatine does, where it comes from and the main usage for it, for athletes.

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Give A Thought To Doing Yoga

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that most people who get into weight lifting, don’t even bother to look at doing yoga. Unless you’re following a P90x routine or some other packaged “get ripped in “X” amount of days”, program that has included yoga training into one of its’ scheduled training days. Am I right, or am I right?

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Stretch Marks

Those unsightly little red marks or lines, that are seen in certain aspects of your body that have you scrambling to find solutions to get rid of it.

Those little suckers actually come with the territory of bodybuilding and weight training. Now, the thing is, you may say “Oh, I already knew that”. But, the thing you may not have known is that certain areas you thought you’ll never experience stretch marks because you’ve experienced stretch marks before, are going to be new playing grounds for them.

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The 411 on Low Carbohydrate Diets

So we’ve all heard about low carb dieting. I don’t think there’s anyone who’s interested in losing weight, gaining muscle while losing body fat, etc., who hasn’t heard about low carb dieting. It’s one of those dieting fads that catches people eyes because there’s always a lot of before and after shots of people who were excessively overweight and now they have these chiseled abs, that convinces us that this is THE diet, to finally reach our fitness goals. Just in case you haven’t heard about low carb dieting, I will just run through the basics very quickly, and then we will get into all the information that is needed, to successfully start a low carb diet plan.

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