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High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT – Revisited

I have spoken about high intensity interval training before in this blog and as with other concepts that have been spoken on again, I am back to providing some more information that would benefit you from using HIIT. This cardio style is generally what you see done, to provide the physique that most sprinters have. As you can see from the picture, exceedingly long sessions of cardio doesn’t yield the maximum amount of muscle but with HIIT, you can retain your muscle or even build it, while perform some intense cardio for short spurts, rather than very long ones.

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Back in the day, we all just assumed that jumping on a cardio machine of our choice and putting it on, was all that we needed to lose body fat. I mean it did make sense, just do more physical activity than you’re accustom to and your body is suppose to just lose body fat from the excess energy that’s required to perform those said activities. But did you know there are two different forms of cardio, that tend to do two separate things. So you have to wonder, which one is best for me?

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High Intensity Interval Training – HITT

High Intensity Interval Training, is an awesome way to lose fat. Actually, it’s the most effective way to lose body fat, contrary to what you may think. Yes, walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes, will inevitably lead you to lose body fat if you’re caloric intake is on a deficit, but why not cut that time in half, if you can?

I am going to just talk about why HIIT works, and why you should use it every now and in then in your workout and routine, towards losing weight efficiently.

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